Newsletter ING - Halloween 2021


Hi !
Halloween is coming and as always at Beads Perles Boutique we celebrate it with discounts of up to 100% !!!

HALLOWEEN 2021 sale offers:


50% off at Soutache METALLICUM and CZECH GLASS

50% off Metallicum Soutache and Czech Glass is here:


Soutache with a 20% discount



10% discount on everything




Gift next to your order.


If you see € 0.01 discounted from your order it means that you have
applied the promotion correctly and you will receive your gift.


* Discounts not cumulative with each other in the same order.
* RIP1:
      a) Discount applicable exclusively to items included in:
* RIP2:
      a) Discount cumulative to quantity discounts.
      b) Discount applicable to soutache per meter.
      c) Discount not valid for reels, mixes, combos or liquidation items.
* RIP3:
      a) Discount applicable to all items in the store, without exception.
      b) Minimum order: € 20.
* RIP4:
      a) The Outlet, Liquidation and "Soutache Metallicum 50%" categories do not count toward the gift amount.
      b) Shipping costs do not count toward the gift amount.
      c) Gift items are pre-selected in advance and exclusively by Beads Perles Boutique.
      d) The customer cannot choose gifts.
      e) Soutache customers will receive soutache as gift (among other things).
      f) Czech crystal customers will receive Czech crystal as gift (among other things).
      g) Customers who do not include soutache or Czech glass in their order will receive general-purpose items as a gift.
* It is possible to place more than one order to take advantage of more than one offer, in this case, do the following:
      1.- In the first order indicate it in the observations
      2.- In the second and subsequent orders you can select the delivery method “pick up in warehouse”.


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